Wellness Healthy Indulgence Gravies Cat Food Pouches - Variety Pack (8 pk)

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Our Complete Health recipes for cats combine natural, premium proteins to deliver a balanced diet full of the nutrients your cat needs for a lifetime of wellbeing, no matter her life stage or unique nutritional needs. Each recipe is crafted with antioxidants to support strong immune systems, balanced nutrients for optimal energy and controlled minerals for urinary tract health. We created Wellness® Healthy Indulgence® Gravies, bits of meats smothered in gravy to satisfy even the most refined palate. With taste in mind, but health at heart, we combine high-quality proteins to create complete and balanced, grain-free recipes you can feel good about serving. This is the Wellness Way to enjoy life's everyday indulgences.

Texture details: Chunks of protein in irregular or variable shapes, in a thick gravy base.

Each box contains (4) Chicken & Turkey pouches and (4) Tuna & Mackerel pouches.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review