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Dog Teeth Cleaning: Everything You Need To Know

Prioritizing dental hygiene in dogs is important when considering health and longevity. Dental care is helpful in preserving the structural integrity of teeth and overall gum health. The result of poor dental hygiene includes Periodontitis, kidney disease and heart disease. Other consequences such as oral pain, bad breath and the...

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Dog Teeth: Common Dental Problems

Oral hygiene and health is important to the overall health and quality of life. The health of the mouth has a lot to do with systemic health and if not treated, can cause detriment to well being. Dental problems are prevalent in domesticated dogs due to the change of natural...

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Dog Bad Breath: 4 Hidden Causes

Everyone loves puppy kisses, except when their bad breath is enough to knock you off your feet. Some people believe that bad breath in dogs is normal, but it could be a sign of an underlying condition or disease. Before you give your dog a minty fresh treat, let's delve...