Many pet parents find themselves asking the same question: “Is Pet Insurance Worth It?” We are going to dive into that question and attempt to help you decide if Insurance for your Dog or cat is worth the expense.

Top Dog Diseases and Costs To Treat Them

Pet owner aka Pet Parents are as worried about pet insurance as they are about family insurance. More and more pet owners want peace of mind that if their fluffy friend gets get, they have the expenses covered. is going to analyze the most common dog diseases and the costs to treat them. As a loyal Pet Health Store reader, we are also going to give you some amazing discounts on pet insurance below.

In a prior article we broke down Heartworm Disease In Dogs. In that article we show that preventative care can cost between $70 – $200 within a 1 year period. On the flip side, treatment, (once the animal gets a disease) can cost between $1,200 to $3,500. If your pet requires treatment, you may end up wishing you had acquired Pet Insurance.

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Did You Know…

26 Percent of rehoming reasons were because pet parent’s couldn’t pay for their pet’s vet bills?

Pet care is getting more and more expensive. Because of “Cost of Pet Care 2016” from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, “as advanced veterinary care grows more expensive, fewer pet parents are able to afford it.”

10. Dogs: ligament injuries (4 percent); cats: ADR (4 percent)

Dogs can easily get “cruciate ligament Injuries”, which can include the rupture of the knee. This means they start to limp on a hind leg as symptoms start to progress. They also get swelling around parts of the leg and knee.

Cost: Surgeries can cost anywhere between $2700 to $9,000.

9. Dogs: Leg Issues – limping

If your dog isn’t gaining wheit or is walking weird / walking funny, you many have something easy to fix like something stuck in the paw, etc. On the flip side, you may have a more serious issue that requires veterinary attention.

The vet might also need to order an X-ray which can cost ($130–$370), or a CT scan which has the hefty price tag of ($8,000–$3,200) or an MRI which can cost between ($2,700–$4,800) to see if there is a tendon, bone, or ligament injury.

Costs: Between $130 – $4800

8. Dogs: pain

When your dog start to have pain or even stiff movement, you may have to take them to the vet. You will potentially have to have a vet run diagnostics, order x-rays, and or conduct CT scans and MRIs.

Costs: $250 – $400

7. Dogs: allergies

Fido might show symptoms of excessive itching, or get scabs, vomit, or even start sneezing. This might be the signs of allergies. The vet may prescribe generic steroids and antibiotics, or Heska allergy testing.

Costs: $225 – $400

6. Dogs: Infections

urinary tract infections can affect your dog at any time. Some of the symptoms you will see are frequent urination, straining to urinate, and blood in the urine. Your fluffy friend may even whimper in pain while they pee.

In both dogs and cats, UTIs are treated with antibiotics — again, not as high on the dollar scale as many other ailments.

Costs: $50 – $3,000 per eye to treat

5. Dogs: growth – Cyst or Cancer

Growths can range from lumps and bumps under the skin could be fatty tumors or cysts, which do not require drastic treatment — but they could also be cancer.

Cancer symptoms include swelling, sores that don’t heal, weight loss and/or loss of appetite, strange odor, and difficulty breathing, eating, or going to the bathroom. The good news is that cancer treatments have advanced substantially from the days when vets pretty much had to rely on full limb amputations to rid the body of cancerous growths.

Costs $500 – $10,000

More Potential Pet Emergencies, Diseases, and Costs

  • Dogs: Eye Conditions – $200 – $700 In potential treatment costs
  • Dogs: Ear Infection – $100 – $250 in potential treatment costs.
  • Dogs: Skin Conditions – $100 – $500 in potential treatment costs.
  • Dogs: Stomach Issues (31 Percent) – $150 – $3,000 in potential treatment costs.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

In Short… Absolutely Yes – Having Insurance Can Be Worth It! If you end up having a sick dog, or an urgent health crisis, you may end up having out of pocket costs anywhere between $150 to $10,000.

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