Popular flea collar linked to almost 1,700 pet deaths:

“When We Put On The Flea Collar Our Dog Was Never The Same”

Jake was a happy Golden Retriever and his parents love him dearly. As preventative care Jake’s owners purchase a flea collar from the popular brand Seresto. When they put the flea collar on him they say ” It was like a switch flipped”. Jake started having seizures and all kinds of medical problems. They took their dog to the vet and performed all kinds of exams. They spent thousands to try and save him. Jakes Mother Eleanor said it got worse within 2 months of putting the flea collar on him. The Vet prescribed epilepsy medication to help calm the seizures, but Jake has never returned to his normal happy self said Eleanor.

Congress Steps In

Members of congress are demanding a MEGA HUGE product recall from the Seresto Flea Collars. Why? Well these serious medical problems are not just link to Jake the Golden Retriever, over 1,700 deaths have been linked to the popular flea collar. A product recall of this magnitude would be the largest in history of its kind. Seresto is resisting the recall and saying they won’t do it voluntarily.

Jake’s mother Eleanor said, “I don’t want anyone else to go through this”.

Pet Parents Are Worried

Main stream news media has not covered this story as much as some pet lovers would have wished. The death toll is gradually rising and animal lovers want some answers. PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY WITH ANY PET OWNER YOU KNOW.

Have An Of Our Readers Had A Bad Experience With A Defective Pet Product

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