One of the most commons pet hospitals receive is “Dog Diarrhea”. Believe it or not, it’s an easy condition to diagnose if you look for the signs. We know it can be worrisome for any pet parent, but we will help you identify the signs of Dog Diarrhea, we will help you treat it, and we will even give you FREE RESOURCES for your dogs healthy lifestyle below.

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Sign To Watch For

One Pet parent said it was

“The Unmistakable Smell”

If you know your dogs bathroom pattern, you’ll know for sure somethings up when that pattern gets off whack. When your dog defecates the smell will be much stronger than normal. The appearance will be that of chocolate pudding. Note: You’ll want to keep your dog hydrated during these days of doggie tummy trouble. Before we help you treat it, we want to highlight some more urgent things to look out for.

dog diarrhea treatment

When You Need To Visit The Veterinarian

Loss Of Appetite, Vomiting, lethargic.

Abdominal Irritation or pain like: Bloating, groaning, not wanting belly to be rubbed.

If any of these signs last longer than 36 hours you should contact your local vet. Veterinary attention may be required even sooner.

Home Remedies & Treatment Tips

Most of the things you read online for home treatment don’t work. Some of the home remedies for dog Diarrhea make it worst. Pet Health Certified Doggie Gurus say that ” The best thing to do is feed them a basic and bland diet”.

Apples And Rice

Just Rice (which coats the stomach)

Small and frequent meals to get the GI tract back on track.

Simple proteins like: Lean Chicken, Beef, etc.

Simple Carbs like: Rice and or sweet potatoes.

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