Bark Spa LLC aka Bark Spa Grooming Salon is coming to a city near you! With a team of over 70 highly trained groomers, a grooming academy, and a strategic partnership with Retail Synergy Group, Bark Spa will be a major player in the pet grooming space.

Bark Spa is planning on opening several new locations in central and south Florida in 2023.

Services Offered

  • Nail Trim
  • Bath
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Hair Cut

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Bark Spa Grooming will make your pet look good and feel good. Pet Health Store will help your pet have quality of life through wellness and nutrition.

New Locations

Bark Spa will have several grooming suites, comfy waiting rooms, and many other bonuses for pets and their parents. In the same location, there will be a section totally dedicated to pet wellness and nutrition. Pet Health Store will offer premium products to customers to help with conditions that range from: Skin Issues, Bone and Joint Issues, Immune System, and many other chronic issues that can diminish your pets quality of life. Bark Spa and Pet Health Store look forward to brining these new HYBRID pet service and wellness centers to a city near you!